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Peru 2001
Inca Trail 5:
Phuyupatamarca ruins - Huinay Huayna ruins

Sun and rain create rainbows along our way. The scenery has changed and
is now dominated by mountains covered with the green vegetation of the

We are now close to Machu Picchu. Huayna Picchu, the mountain at Machu
Picchu is already visible (the mountain in the middle, next to the river).

Another view down to the Urubamba valley.

Peter presents a bug he found close to the Conchamarca ruins.

A Mandavallia orchid.

The Conchamarca ruins.

The Huinay Huayna ruins close to our third campsite.
In my opinion the most interesting ruins after
Machu Picchu.

The precise stonework of the Incas at the Huinay Huayna ruins.

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