Inca Trail 1: Start (km 88)
Inca Trail 2: First camp
Inca Trail 3: Pass (4200m)
Inca Trail 4: Second camp
Inca Trail 5: Huinay Huayna
Inca Trail 6: Machu Picchu
Inca Trail 7: Machu Picchu
Inca Trail 8: Aguas Calientes
Cuzco - Puno
Lake Titicaca: Uros Indians
Nazca Lines
Chauchilla Cementary


Lago Agrio
Cuyabeno Reserve 1
Cuyabeno Reserve 2
Cuyabeno Reserve 3
Cuyabeno Reserve 4
Cuyabeno Reserve 5
Cotopaxi 1: Camp at 3800m
Cotopaxi 2: Walk to the lake
Cotopaxi 3: Sunset
Cotopaxi 4: Camp at 4800m
Cotopaxi 5: Training
Cotopaxi 6: The Climb


Pico Espejo
Canaima/Angel Falls 1
Canaima/Angel Falls 2
Canaima/Angel Falls 3
Canaima/Angel Falls 4
Choroni/Puerto Colombia
Morrocoy Islands 1
Morrocoy Islands 2
Morrocoy Islands 3
Morrocoy - Caracas

Peru 2001
Inca Trail 1:
Start from km 88

Start of the famous Inca Trail at km 88. We will follow the old route of the Incas
through the Andes for 4 days until we reach Machu Picchu. Since January 2001
it's compulsary to go with a licenced tour operator.

Before starting the trek, we have to register and to pay the entrance fee.

Last preparation for the trek...

The porters are already on the way. They carry
amazing weights like a heavy gas cylinder
for the cooker.

The Rio Urubamba is in flood because of the wet
season. I wouldn't recommend rafting now...

After crossing the suspension bridge the trail starts.

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